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In an emotional video, lancome discount codes Cassey Ho, the 29-year-old founder of popular channel and website.
Cassey explains that during those eight weeks the people around her noticed a significant difference in her mood.
She has given up on dieting and she is urging other people to do the same.
In her video, Cassey explains that she was so embarrassed by the weight she was putting on because it was being documented in her vlog posts. .She tried restricting her diet more but nothing seemed to work.Not born that way: Cassey said that aside from the 2012 bikini contest she never had flat abs and a six pack before.The fitness star explains that there was something about reaching that goal that kept her dedicated to the strict program.I could barely think, and all I really worried about was how close I could get to getting those Victoria's Secret abs she says of her 1,000 per day diet.After it was all said and done, she didn't end up making it into the top five. .Blogilates, revealed to her.8 million subscribers that she struggled with 'some form of extreme orthorexia an eating disorder characterized as an obsession with eating only healthy foods, for a year and a half after competing in a bikini contest.Coming clean: The fitness guru shared her story in an emotional video that she shared on her Blogilates website and channel.According to her new coach, the fitness classes she was teaching didn't count toward her daily workouts.

That night she and her family went out to celebrate, however, after eating half of the slice of cheesecake she was lusting after, she ended up doubled over in pain with cramps.
I am just not born with that she says of her natural body type.
'When I got on stage and lined myself up against all the other girls, I suddenly felt like a piece of meat she explained on her blog.Every day when she got to the gym the former bodybuilder would put her on the scale.'If i want to lose weight, I have coastal promo code 2015 work out super extra and I have to eat super extra clean.'.Cassey admits that she started to 'fall in love' with the way her body looked, including online prize winning exams her 'thigh gap' and streamlined abs.Social media star: Cassey said gaining weight was particularly embarrassing for her at the time because it was noticeable on her videos and blog posts.Cassey explains that she decided to enter a bikini competition focused on muscularity and body composition four years ago after she quit her job and moved back to California from Boston.