the sweep

Sweeps are, decepticons from the, generation 1 continuity family.
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As a Headmaster, the mlg spelling bee contestant exposed Sweep can transform into american sweepstakes a head compatible with Scourge or any other Deluxe-or-larger Titans Return or Legends Headmasters figure, though it is intended for use with LG26 Scourge 's transtector, to which it is color-matched.The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2 After the great war, Perceptor noted that the Sweeps possess a limited form of the Insecticon cloning ability, thus accounting for the seemingly limitless number observed.How to Say Goodbye and Mean It Later, Sky-Byte found some of them and was reminded of someone he once knew.The Autobots fled the city, but Galvatron's troops followed suit, and the Sweeps killed Ultra Magnus on the planet of Junk.A rare moment of not being shot by Galvatron.City on Fire A number of Sweeps survived the destruction of the Heart of Darkness by being sent to the Dead Universe alongside the defeated Galvatron.Generation 1 cartoon continuity, the Transformers cartoon, voice actor: Neil Ross five Faces of Darkness " and ".The affected Decepticons travelled to the Legends World, where they teamed up with Tera-Kura.Portuguese, o Estiloso, french, le Stylé, spanish, peinado escoba.Written by, anonymous, plot Summary, add Synopsis.Peeking their heads out to see if Galvatron was still kill-crazy, two Sweeps joined Scourge in sabotaging Autobot rescue operations after Metamorphose twisted the Aerialbots into a mess.Starscream's Ghost Cyclonus and Scourge were accompanied by some Sweeps when they followed Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie to a storage asteroid.

Galvatron was incensed that the Sweeps were not created in his image.
Serpent.R.'s Wings Universe profile Ask Vector Prime In an unstable Iocus reality engineered by the machinations of Sideways and Gong wherein the Unicron War played out with GoBots involved, the Sweeps were built off of Deadlift 's template instead, transforming into green forklifts.
Genres: Comedy, motion Picture Rating mPAA rated R for language.Once the Junkions had been fried from the influence of the Quintessons, they sent Cyclonus and hsi men packing.The Art of War #5 IDW Generation 1 continuity On Gorlam Prime, Galvatron tossed the dying Scourge into a solar pool and using the power of the Heart of Darkness, brought him back to full strength.Kings Megatron challenged this " Deceptigod blowing huge chunks of Sweeps off its body with his blasts and ultimately defeating.Created by Unicron before he entered a period of hibernation and released into space to seek out information, the "first wave" split up and headed in different directions to cover as much of the galaxy as possible.Dweller in the Depths Corey Burton, Frank Welker, Ed Gilbert five Faces of Darkness jerry Houser, Beau Weaver, Paul Eiding Starscream's Ghost Chris Latta Ghost in the Machine Aron Kincaid, Dick Gautier Webworld Jack Angel Webworld " Dweller in the Depths " and " Call.Box Office, budget: 500,000 (estimated see more on IMDbPro company Credits, production Co: Pop Art Film Factory, Stelly Entertainment.