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5, these disks cannot operate reliably at ATA/100 on RCC/ServerWorks IDE controllers, as their drivers blacklist the disks, thus limiting their operation rebate tracking website to ATA/66.
Barracuda Green edit Barracuda Green 2000GB (ST2000DL003) The Barracuda Green series was introduced in December 2010 as a high-performance, eco-friendly, low-power internal drive, replacing the Barracuda LP series.
Since Q4 2012, this is Seagate's primary Barracuda model.However, Seagate says that the LED light remaining permanently on had nothing to do with firmware problems.20 Barracuda 7200.14 edit Further information: ST3000DM001 Introduced in Q1 2012, these were the first hard drives with 1 TB per platter technology, while continuing the sata III interface.1 of 2, hD Tune Pro.Capacities range from 1 TB to 2 TB.They support sata II, with 16 MB mtv sweepstakes and card giveaway 32 MB cache sizes, depending on the model.

4, barracuda ATA IV edit, these were available in capacities between 20 GB and 80 GB, with a 2 MB cache and the ATA/100 interface.
Citation needed Other companies have claimed citation needed to be able to resolve this problem using their own solution, namely Ace Laboratory PC3000-udma (version.13).
7 Barracuda 7200.8 edit Available in capacities between 200 GB and 400 GB, with either an ATA/100 or sata interface with NCQ, these were sold alongside the 7200.7 series, providing higher capacities than the 7200.7.
The Barracuda LP series also present firmware issues that might be alleviated by the latest firmware available on the Seagate web site (CC35 17 although there are reports that drives with the CC35 firmware loaded continue to exhibit the same problems as earlier firmware releases.Similar to the 7200.11 family, this family has introduced many firmware (microcode) bugs: raid arrays using these disks may fail.The drives have 2 MB or 8 MB of cache, depending on the model.Barracuda 7200.7/Barracuda 7200.7 Plus edit, these drives were available in capacities between 40 GB and 200 GB, with ATA/100 and sata with NCQ.Desktop HDD.15 edit With the introduction of its first 15th-generation hard drive product in April 2013 with 1 TB platters, Seagate rebranded the series as "Desktop HDD." The first hard drive in the series is a 4 TB drive, rotating at 5900 RPM, rather than the traditional.