raffle baskets for baby shower

If the hostess is unsure whom to ask, the honoree or the other friends may have a suggestion.
Decorating The Baby Nursery Help parents prepare the baby nursery with this idea.
My thoughts: This idea is a great match for our chug-a-lug and hot bottle games.
Around The Clock Gifts, this gift giving idea creates around-the-clock fun for your guests.
Have guests report which gifts they intend to give to avoid duplication.Variations: Mark arrows on the roads leading up to your shower.The Idea: A location close ga power rebates 2015 to your venue is set up to provide babysitting and daycare for your guests children during the shower.Get personal with your gift giving!Preparation: The hostess must indicate which hour of the day a gift should represent when sending out the shower online tire cheap invitations.The gift giver can bring the receiving blanket back home at the end of the shower.Preparation: Purchase one baby bottle for every guest in attendance.Your baby shower just went from good to great with this baby magician idea!Youre ready to party!Go to an office supply store or visit this link to purchase pull-apart tickets.

Theres no need to fetch those decorative bowls from the cabinet.
Preparation: Designate one guest as the gift recorder and supply them with a pen and paper.
Mom-to-be will have plenty of great memories with this shower idea.
Send one home with each guest.
Of retail space, Fantastico is sure to have exactly what you are looking for so make sure to stop by our store.I just hate the.Consider gifting the mother-to-be with a fun craft or sewing kit.Youll never see a tip jar like this at your favorite coffee house or deli!My thoughts: All the free advice and info youll need to raise a healthy and happy baby!This would be a great addition for a tailgate party!This plan ensures the honoree has plenty of competent babysitters when the baby arrives!