premium bonds chances of winning

You must enter it correctly so that the payment reaches the right account.
What will I win?
Additionally, there is a ga power rebates 2015 50,000 individual limit on how much can be invested in Premium Bonds.
For someone to win a 1m top prize, many thousands of bonds have to receive nothing.
Any transfers that would take you over the 50,000 limit will be automatically refunded in full to your bank account, so you may want to check your Premium Bonds balance before investing.However, this is only paid for a year and 1,000 must be credited to the account each month.See here for the best easy access accounts.Instead it subscribes to the French equivalent which will ensure 100,000 is compensated if the bank goes bust.The top easy access account pays.1pc.The average rate earned after the cut on May 1 will.93pc.The top one-year bond from Charter Savings Bank pays.55pc and the two-year account from OakNorth Bank offers.71pc.Heres how prizes were distributed in October 2017 draw (the distribution of the prizes changes each month to keep the odds of winning any prize same) along with what the odds were of winning each prize for a holding of 1, 10,000 and the full.What are my other options?As a percentage of all the money held, the "prize fund interest rate" will fall from.25pc.15pc and customers will see their chances of winning one of the bigger cash prizes slip further away.How much have you won?Give the following details to your bank and tell them how much to transfer and how often.

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There are more than 21m Premium Bond holders each with an average investment of 3,201.
What are your odds of winning a prize with Premium Bonds?By comparison, money held in a savings account covered by the fscs is protected up to a total of 75,000 per individual per provider.Be the first to comment Do you want to comment on this article?Existing customers can also buy by bank transfer and standing order.The underlying probability calculations behind this easy-to-use tool were designed by a post-doctoral cosmology statistician.Figures may be rounded, how lucky am I?When buying by bank transfer, you are confirming that you have read and accepted the current terms and conditions.But in order to achieve the overall cut in payout, prizes in certain bands have been radically cut, as seen in the chart below.Or you can buy by post.Odds of winning with a 10,000 holding.