medicare rebate changes

There are current speculations that Medicare will shortly introduce changes to their item numbers related to abdominoplasty (tummy tucks).
Medicare covers a certain number of plastic surgery procedures and this has always revolved around whether the procedure is considered reconstructive (medically necessary) as opposed to merely cosmetic.
How can I receive the rebate?Dr Owler said the subject of health was almost taboo during the last election campaign, but now its the most important issue.You may be eligible if you have at least one medical condition that has been present for six months or more, or the condition is terminal.The Medicare rebate freeze has been called a co-payment by stealth, but Dr Seidel said it there was no stealth involved, its a real co-payment.Lastly, if you would like us to process your claim for you, please allow adequate time for processing as these claims can take up to 3 minutes.

In the case of referrals things may have changed and our doctors look very unprofessional to specialists if they send out of date or incorrect information.
Patients say its ridiculous.
He said doctors would find it impossible, emotionally and physically to charge palliative patients, or those who were homeless, but that the socio-economically disadvantaged and pensioners in an ageing population would suffer.
In terms of Medicare changes at this stage we are as in the dark as you are but thank you for your patience and co-operation as we all await the latest change.Tens of thousands of patients go through this procedure in Australia yearly and this figure is only rising.Its a massive problem for our patients.Our professional doctors give you the maximum number of repeats- once these have run out our GPs are medico-legally obligated to check and monitor your progress.Many patients wont go ahead with treatment or will defer, Brian Owler, president of the Australian Medical Association, told.