how to make candles wedding favors

Today we will be showing you exactly how to make your own votive candles!
Which of course is a very classic wedding favor, but when they are purchased (and not handmade) they are just boring so we know that our DIY brides will be thrilled to make their own!
Then write a sweet message to your guests or design and print vin bmw car free them from your computer.I normally use 1 oz to 1 pound because I like to keep it simple.Not only are they cute, but they are a very easy and hassle-free way to color your candles!Now the fun part, pour your candle wax into each mold!

The perfect favor for the hardcore DIY bride.
Rub on an initial using the back of a paintbrush or a wooden craft stick.
Then turn the candle upside down and tap the pin on your counter top a few times to release the wick pin.
Sharing DIY projects is our absolute favorite thing to do especially when its a project like this!Put each votive in the center of a tulle circle, wrap the tulle around the votive, clip with a clothespin and then tie it off with a piece of twine or ribbon.Candle wedding favors often are considered the most romantic.Tug a little on the wick pin to remove your candle!This is what they look like completely cooled.Each candle will have a different (crystal feathered marbled ) appearance that gives the votives a rustic look.These wick pins are the place card holder for you wicks!Nestle the shell on the crumpled paper; this will stabilize the shell while you're pouring the wax.