ga power rebates 2015

The best option here might be the solar lease or PPA, which means you put 0 down on a rooftop solar system and pay monthly while you accumulate electricity bill savings over time.
The chart above is our estimate for the average homeowner, so get a custom" for a 0-down solar loan to get an accurate picture of how much solar can save you.
The Peach State is only worthy of a failing grade for now, but with a statewide rebate program and better tax incentive package, sunny Georgia could take its rightful place among the best states for solar.Select your rebate program to begin.Packaged heat pumps must be 14 seer or higher; split system heat pumps must have a seer rating of at least.That can be a great benefit to homeowners who are risk averse.

Home Solar Power: PPA.
Since the Feds calculate their incentive based on actual out of pocket costs, the lack of rebates means a bigger federal solar tax credit.
Here's how a solar PPA works: Example savings in Georgia 2,349.
Here's the best part of third-party solar: whether you end up with a lease or a PPA, the installation company owns the panels and will do all the maintenance for you.
With the state tax credit, the payback time was significantly shorter.With Georgia Power, customers can receive a 550 rebate for a 16 seer Variable Refrigerant Flow heat pump; a 400 rebate for a 15 seer heat pump; or a 200 rebate for 13-14.9 seer heat pumps.Your home's value just increased by close to 27,000, too (your expected annual electricity savings over 20 years)!That difference will come down each year as electricity prices rise, but your system will keep on producing about the same amount of electricity.Here's the basic deal.Read on to find out more about each option.Heres how the numbers pencil out for a Florida solar purchase with a solar loan or heloc: Installing a typical 5-kW solar system should start at about 16,650.Heres how the numbers pencil out when you pay up front for a 5-kW rooftop solar system in Georgia: Installing a typical 5-kW solar system should start at about 16,650.Once you're done, we'll recommend a good option.Walton is offering a 200 rebate for the installation of a heat pump.