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Play this rebate tracking website audio Play the "Top Ten Science Stories of 2007" audio Susan Heilman and Tim Miller, education associates at the Museum, share their personal top ten science stories of 2007.
Play this audio Play the "Stem Cell Trials in Humans Sugary Drinks and Diabetes" audio.
Play this audio Play the "T.Parasitic worms are being used and studied to alleviate bowel diseases like colitis.Play this audio Play the "Tiny Carbon: For Harvesting Heat and Sequencing DNA" audio Hear about an interesting technology, card giveaway developed.Play this audio Play the "Of Parasites and Paralysis" audio In this segment we will hear about newly sequenced malarial parasite genomes and find out how controlling even one cell can provide motion to once-paralyzed muscles.Play this audio Play the "World Water Day and Light Pollution" audio Join us for a look at the world's drinking water, then hear about a research study that asks you to do a little stargazing.If you are looking for more ways to save at the Museum of Science, the Boston.Fiamma Straneo studies the interaction between the ocean and Greenland's glaciers.Play this audio Play the "Microwave Disinfecting Stretchy and Strong With Help From Spiders" audio On this episode, we'll learn how to clean the kitchen with help from the microwave, and about how spider-webs are teaching us to make futuristic materials.Play this audio Play the "Water on Saturn's Enceladus and Confusing News About Fat" audio We talk about the recently announced evidence for liquid water on one of Saturn's moons with a member of the Cassini Team, and try to clear up some confusion caused.Play this audio Play the "Nanotech Toolkits for Cancer Plugging in Your Car" audio On this episode, we'll learn about a nano Swiss army knife of sorts for brain cancer.Then, learn about the relationship of the Russian Soyuz program to astronauts on the International Space Station.Play this audio Play the "I'm Sorry Storing Solar Energy" audio Guest researcher Craig Smith talks about his project studying apology, and the accompanying emotions, in children.

Play this audio Play the "GPS for Stem Cells Poisonous Newts" audio This week, we'll talk to a scientist who is able to "steer" stem cells to alleviate osteoporosis.
Aaron Baggish from Massachusetts General Hospital will tell us how exercise can help reshape our body's most important muscle.
Aaron Baggish from Massachusetts General Hospital describe his research on the effectiveness of electrocardiogram screening in young athletes.We'll talk to the program manger of an inflatable space station project, and have a real astronaut on to tell us what it takes to get to ride on the Space Shuttle.Then, we'll discuss a breakthrough fossil discovery with one of the Museum's fossil experts.Rex Cannibalism Where Do Antibiotics Come From?" audio Did Tyrannosaurus rex eat other Tyrannosaurus rex?Play this audio Play the "Studying Butterflies, Studying Water" audio Elena Strekalova, a BU graduate student and Museum of Science Interpreter, gives us a special look at what goes on inside the Museum's Butterfly Garden.We make it look simple.Play this audio Play the "Targeted Nanomedicine Cancer Treatment" audio Learn about a new nanomedicine particle that has the ability to target cancer cells, evade the immune system, and slowly release a chemotherapeutic.Play this audio Play the "3D Printing Revolution" audio Entrepreneur Marina Hatsopoulos, founder of ZCorporation one of the first 3D printing companies, talks about the past, present, and future of 3 dimensional printing.Play this audio Play the "Early Bow And Arrow Use Making A Better Grid Battery" audio Archaeologist Justin Pargeter describes current evidence for the first bows and arrows believed to have been used in South Africa over 60,000 years ago.