chimney sweep chester county

They may tell you that your crown is no good, that your corbelling is not par ridged properly, that your damper doesnt seal, or your cap is no good.
The smoke shelf is cleared of accumulated debris.
We can also replace your leaky or rusty chimney covers on your present system with a stainless steel top that features a lifetime guarantee.
Lock-Top II, chimney, cap/Damper, the Lock-Top II gives the added protection of a stainless steel chimney cap surrounding your damper to provide extra rain, animal, and spark protection.
Don't put yourself in the situation, when you're ready to light a fire in the fireplace, to coldly realize that you didn't get your chimney swept.Next the damper is properly re-installed and a thorough report is filled out and given to you the consumer apprising you of the chimneys 123 print promo code uk condition and suggested repairs that may be lakeside promo codes november 2014 needed.The hearth and mantle should be cleared of breakables and hearth paraphernalia.Heres how it works, a large chimney contractor runs an ad that says well clean any chimney for seventy nine bucks.

We stock and install the most common sizes or can order what you need.
The days of freezing toes and biting snows will be upon us before we're ready for them.
Fall is approaching fast and you may have forgotten to get your chimney serviced again. . Saves energy dollars, chimney Caps.As always, sweepings and inspections are a necessary part in getting or keeping your chimney in good condition and in working order.Cleaning a chimney is an inherently dirty job and takes time, precautions have to be taken to minimize any impact to your home, if Im your sweep and I dirty youre house youre not going to call me back or worse yet youre not going.Broken or missing damper?We continue to wish you and yours a blessed season, as the year 2016 is already two-thirds over.