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He tried creative writing, but realized he solid sweep solidworks wasnt up for that kind of pain.
Dishongh: Personally, my bathrobe is essential, but more generally I think making stuff requires solitude, patience, and a personal style that resonates well with the times.
OVS: What is your dream project?
OVS: What wouldnt you do without?All prize winning photographs will be also be displayed at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill Nov.I also try to stay in tune with whats going on in illustration so I can see where my work fits or so I can contribute something meaningful to the conversation.Digital Pinup Magazine is the #1 Resource for artists fans of digital pin-up art.His work reminded us of Stephen Gammells work from the books you may remember from your childhood, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.I also wouldnt do without my friends and this writer girl I know, Becky Kaiser, whose feedback is essential.I also would not be where I am today without my cat.After college I worked on one of these Texas Hill Country rivers driving drunk people up and down the river in a short bus.Also, Ive always wanted to add a level of interactivity or narrative to my worklike working with writers or musicians, for exampleso anything that would allow me to do that would be great.OVS: Whats integral to the work of an artist?

If you love his work as much as we did, please take a look at his other work here:.
The Monday Magazine Photo Contest is Victorias longest-running photography competition.
All entries will be posted in the cacgv space on the third floor of the Bay Centre until Nov.
He decided to get practical, so he studied technical writing, which is slightly easier, because it doesnt have any of that feelings crap.Monogamouse Contest Winner When he found the cabin after a day and a half of walking through first ankle, then knee, and finally hip-deep snow, Eleuterio was panicked with joy.We had the chance to interview this talented artist!Fortunately our judges, Jennifer Paquet, director of the Integrate Art Society and Andrew Paquet, owner of Andrew Paquet Photography were up to the task, lending a creative eye to this years entries and narrowing the submissions to stand-out images in the categories of: Colour General;.After a lot of technical writing, Bryce took a year off to pursue illustration professionally.Affiliate Disclaimer, in full disclosure, some links on this website may contain affiliate codes, which means, if you click on them and buy something there, the owner of this website can potentially receive a commission for items purchased there.Dishongh: A lot of the images I make are anatomical, so I use medical illustrations as a reference for what Im drawing.